Thinking on your feet.
Speaking your mind.
Winning the argument.

Competitive debating is like mixed martial arts – Inside one’s head. It is the ability to think critically, oftentimes on one’s feet;  construct cohesive arguments; listen and formulate credible theories; engage with the opponent;  put up articulate defenses; all to win the argument.

At Vocalize, our programs are designed to focus on honing debating skills, whether for beginners or experienced debaters looking to break into the international circuit.

The best part: the skills we teach do not just help your kids become debaters and win competitions; they are invaluable life lessons right from the classroom to the boardroom. Whether it is a friendly verbal duel among siblings, to cracking the job interview, or negotiating a pay raise.

Start Young, Start Right

“Debating is a unique platform that develops crucial life skills that can be exponentially improved through focused training, individual attention, regular practice, better peer associations and disciplined practice. Starting young is key.”

-Bhavani Kriplani, Founder & Lead Coach

We, at Vocalize have designed a unique approach of using fun drills and activities meant to simulate competitive debate environments and help budding debaters with:

Developing Articulated Oratory Skills

Cultivating Stage Presence

Encouraging Active Listening

Sharpening Critical Thought

Honing Research Skills

Analytical Reasoning

Evolving Strengths. Building Success.

Our success stories speak for themselves. Winning at prestigious national, regional, and international debating competitions not only earns deserving children great credibility and recognition on highly visible platforms, but also infuses the winning spirit into them, while teaching respect for the opposition, and carrying forward the greater traditions of debating.

International Debating Championship Australia

Gulf Debates

New York University

Abu Dhabi High School

Debating ChampionShip

World Scholar’s Cup Regional and Global Rounds

Our Course Workflow

The training programs offered by Vocalize are aimed at not only honing debating skills, but at developing students into confident speakers, and putting them firmly in the direction of career success and futures that are fulfilling and rewarding.

Two sides of every coin 

Being able to debate on either side of any motion teaches students to view any issue or challenge from multiple perspectives. That makes them better decision makers, stronger at analyzing any given situation and sharper at finding ideal solutions when faced with challenges.


Introduction to debate format

Focusing on speaker roles and responsibilities


Live debates in every class with individual feedback

Simulating the activity in a formal environment including adjudicator feedback to all debaters


Fun drills to engage young minds

To ensure excitement, sessions are combined with fun drills to keep debaters on their toes


Tournament training

Preparation for competitions from interclass debates to regional and global tournaments

Driven. Inspired. Focused.